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General Motors' bankruptcy filing is only a few days old, but the struggling automaker already seems to be pressing ahead full steam. The General has already announced 14 plant closings, 23,000 more job cuts, 1,300 dealer closings, and a buyer for the Hummer brand. Company CFO Ray Young told reporters at a recent conference call that GM has three buyers interested in Saab and an astonishing 16 suitors for the Saturn brand.

Toyota's learning that in the case of the Tundra, American buyers won't just pick from the selection of trucks the dealer has left. It's a role reversal for the automaker used to people accepting whatever Camry they can get.

If reading about hybrids isn’t enough for you, then perhaps the collection of videos over at Edmunds.com (a car buying information guide) will suit you.

Scion (and its parent company, Toyota) were surprised when older folks started to buy its youth-oriented xB SUV. But the buyers were drawn to the vehicle's large space and practical features.

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