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Midttrafik commercial shows riding the bus is still cool

We can't remember ever seeing a commercial for a bus at all, much less one that was genuinely epic, but we can cross both those firsts off our bucket list thanks to an ad for Denmark's Midtraffik public bus system.

NHTSA proposes mandatory stability control on big rigs, busses

Stability control was made mandatory on passenger vehicles for this current model year, but it's still not a requirement for semis and busses. But that could soon be changing, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed requiring the technology on all new large commer

Chinese bus companies tell drivers not to hit supercars

Being a bus driver in China must be awful. Lots of traffic, lots of people, no tipping. And the job has just gotten worse in Jinghua, where a bus company has instructed its drivers to please stop hitting expensive supercars.

Survey: U.K. gas prices not high enough for switch to mass transit

As U.S. cities take a new look at mass transit services (anticipating increased demand following rising gas prices), transportation planners might want to take a look at a recent survey sponsored by U.K. insurer esure. The survey of U.K. drivers finds that gas prices would have to reach the equivalent of a stratospheric $13.48 per U.S. gallon before they'd consider switching to mass transit.

Ethanol-powered buses being tested around the world

Cities worldwide will be testing a new type of ethanol-powered bus for their public transportation networks in the coming months, according to a post over at Green Car Congress. The initial tests are set for La Spezia in Italy, but other cities in Europe as well as Brazil and China will soon test the buses made by Scania. This is a project of the BEST (BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport) consortium.

Toronto buses to get Suncor biodiesel

There are almost 1,500 buses in the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) fleet. Over the next two years, almost, these buses will burn over 120 million liters (that's about 32 million U.S. gallons) of biodiesel supplied by Suncor Energy Products, Inc.