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Business Week has published a very interesting interview with Ulrik Grape, EnerDel's chief executive, about his vision on cars we'll drive in the near future, Toyota's plans and the challenges of lithium-ion technology. Of course, his answers focus on to the applications of new car battery technologies, whether for EVs, hybrids or plug-in hybrids.

BusinessWeek has an article that offers Chrysler some advice on how to take the domestic lead. The article, though, was written by Geoff Vuleta, head of a consultancy firm, and frankly offers a great deal more vision than practical implementation.

There are some very simple ways to make green improvements in your life, like switching to CFL bulbs instead of using standard incandescent bulbs. Recycling is another rather simple way that you can make a difference. But, there are also other more complex ways that could green your life, some of which are still being invented. Biofuels are one such technology that may very well still be in their infancy. Algae is a great potential source of biofuels which remains mostly untapped. What do all of

BusinessWeek.com has just posted a colorful and engaging multi-story report on high-tech cars. The one piece covering alternative fuel called on MIT professors to give their thoughts. They believe there will be many choices because "we can't put all our eggs in one basket." The article says hybrid technology will be mainstream. Another view came from a Jalopnik editor who said it's difficult to pick a winner from hydrogen, biofuel or diesel.

With hybrids the alternative vehicle of choice for most consumers (yes, there are more flexible-fuel vehicles on the roads today, but how many people fill them with E85?), Ford and its Volvo subsidiary announced last week that they would invest over a billion dollars in a new center in Goteborg to develop new hybrid systems for their vehicles. This BusinessWeek article says the companies will use the new hybrid technology in all of Ford's brands in Europe and for Volvo models worldwide. Volvo wi

Calling ethanol a "now-vital liquid", Business Week on Wednesday has an entirely upbeat report on agribusiness giant ADM's recent profits, driven in part by surging prices of ethanol, completely ignoring the warning of an "ethanol bubble" we mentioned here yesterday. ADM is the largest producer of ethanol in the United States, even though bioproducts (like ethanol) only account for one-fifth of the company’s operating profits, the magazine says. Unsurprisingly, the incr

Could Delphi's bankruptcy be a strategic long-term move by the parts maker? According to Business Week, Delphi has only declared bankruptcy for its U.S. operations-- overseas facilities in Mexico, China and other countries are not affected. If the unions and Delphi don't reach a compromise later this year, and bankruptcy courts approve the company's request to void its union contracts, only 7,000 of the 32,000 union members would be retained. Production would then be shouldered by the overs