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President Bush's call for climate the other day hasn't been very widely lauded. Oxfam America has issued one of the stronger criticisms, saying the plan "ignores reality." Echoing Sen. Barbara Boxer's (D-California) statement that the initiative was "worse than doing nothing," Oxfam says it "could make matters worse." Remember, details on just how Bush plans to halt greenhouse gas emissions growth in the U.S. by 2025 were not provided on Wednesday when the president announced the plan.

U-turn. Waking up. Flip flop. Call it what you want (the Washington Times, headed by the very strange Sun Myung Moon, called it "changing course"), but the White House might be getting ready to call on Congress to pass a bill that deals with global warming. According to the Mooney Times (the only paper that seems to have talked to anyone - every other source online just references the Times article), White House officials are fearing a "regulatory nightmare" - thanks to those lawsuits over the E

As TalkingPointsMemo put it, "no Bush Administration official, current or former, can hold a candle to EPA chief Stephen Johnson when it comes to chutzpah." Why would TPM say something like this? Well, do you remember the Supreme Court's decision that the EPA would, indeed, need to regulate vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions? It happened exactly one year ago today. Since that time, the EPA has found ways to slow down the process and Johnson has now come up with an unhelpful scheme to delay any act