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In the transcript of the press briefing by Dana Perino we linked to yesterday in the post on President Bush's meeting with the CEOs of the Big 3, the White House spokesperson started talking about the meeting but the questions quickly turned to news of Alberto Gonzales and the ongoing US attorneys general firing scandal. The White House had one narrative, certain reporters had another. That's a good way to understand the gist of this AP piece that criticizes the president for focusing on "switch

It's time. President Bush will tell auto execs from the Detroit auto companies that he supports building more hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles, according to spokesman Tony Snow. Snow said that during tomorrow's long-awaited meeting with the heads of Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group, Bush will say (at the very least) that he wants the companies to succeed, in part by offering green cars. Two previously scheduled meetings between the President and the