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This year, the theme for Burning Man was "The American Dream." While some may argue that being American means choosing what is right or wrong for yourself, the revelers at this year's Burning Man festival made a statement by creating a giant Hummer out of wood. The front of the Bummer Hummer was painted in rather festive shades which blended into military-style camo at the rear. The vehicle was built to represent rampant American consumerism, especially in these days of high gas prices.

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This year, the annual Burning Man event out in the South Western desert of the U.S. decided to take on a green tint. As a matter of fact, the event is always pretty good about cleaning up after themselves and recycling. But, this year they decided to go a step further and call the event the Green Man. Despite the premature burning of their large wooden man, chances are that event-goers still had a good time, if that's their sort of thing. Going along with the green theme this year, reports are c

I'm really not entirely sure what to make of this... thing. Called the Mechabolic, it's a sort of "dinosaur slug" according to their website. Whatever that means. The idea is that this slug-like machine would slither its way across... somewhere... and ingest all of the trash it finds, which then "will be converted to clean biomass foods/fuels using the simple technologies of gasification, anerobic digestion and Fischer Tropsch liquification. The Mechabolic will re-ingest the resulting foods/fuel

I have never been to Burning Man, the huge "get-together" that for a few days each year makes its own city which they call Black Rock City out in the Desert in the Southwestern United States. I probably will never make it out there, to be honest, so I guess it's OK for me to read about what goes on there. If you plan to go, the organizers warn you to try and avoid accounts of the celebration so it doesn't get ruined for you. I will mention, though, that there is a huge "burning man" at the end,

As we previously reported, the automobile is one of the most recycled products in use today. While most vehicles have their parts transplanted into new vehicles or converted into fuel, some become works of art.