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Top Gear: GT-R vs. Bullet train

Top Gear has turned its stellar production values loose on the GT-R. In the interest of compelling television, it's not just a review. In pursuit of hilariousness, May and Hamster set off on a bullet train to see if they can beat Clarkson to the final destination. It takes about the duration of the ride for Clarkson to figure out what half the buttons in the GT-R do, and May and Hammond don't have it any easier trying to communicate in Japanese to do simple things like figure out the train syste

SPOILER ALERT: Top Gear's big race in Japan revealed

Grassroots support for Jeremy Clarkson to take the reigns as Prime Minister has been covered before, but the Top Gear presenter admits that he'd be a "rubbish" leader. During a speaking engagement in the UK, Jezza waxed about his life on Top Gear, his co-presenters, Hammond's crash and his opinions about the increased amount of government involvement in citizen's lives. Typical Clarkson fare.

Germany to launch a 310 mile-per-hour maglev train

I've been on quite a few flights lately, and usually, the worst part is not the airplane ride itself, but everything else that goes along with it. Like, either getting dropped off with all of your luggage or parking your car in the long-term lot, or taking a taxi ride. It sure would be nice if there was a good way to get to the airport that didn't cost an arm and a leg and was fast. According to this article<