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TRANSLOGIC set to debut on NBCSN this Thursday

Hamster heads to the Beeb - Hammond to cover F1 for BBC

Formula 1 will hit the BBC air waves in 2009 after a long run on ITV. The move will require new figureheads to sit at the desk, and London's Times has said that Top Gear's Richard Hammond is the top man for the job. Economics at least partially drove ITV's decision to withdraw from F1 coverage. The coverage is expensive, so making money is challenging, even with newly rising star Lewis Hamilton making F1 more interesting for UK viewers.

I want my MTTV

Motor Trend will be launching a 24-hour broadcast TV network sometime in 2007 that will be available via multicast broadcasts. The network will be available in local markets where broadcasters find themselves with excess bandwidth during the transition from analog to all-digital broadcasts. Apparently MTTV will be the filler of choice for these stations that are looking for digital content to offer. Multicast Networks Group is partnering with Motor Trend’s parent company, PRIMEDIA, to shop