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When you self-identify as a hack, that means you're proud of it, and Rob Siegel is proud of being a hack. He even has rules for what makes "a good kludge," which he delineates in his book, Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic. Rob Siegel, you see, isn't just a backyard wrench-twirler. His column, The Hack Mechanic, has been a fixture in the BMW Car Club of America's official magazine, Roundel, for decades. Now, Bentley Publishers has given Siegel a wider platform for musing about cars, while really not ta


Ed Whitacre's Postcard From The Auto Bailout

There is little question that Ford, under the leadership of CEO Alan Mulally, has perhaps never looked better in terms of product and financial stability.

I was a full-time Alt Fuel technology consultant/researcher back in the 1990s. Among my fellow wizards, the PNGV was a big deal. We attended conferences every year or so and watched the Big 3, with federal funding, develop hybrid cars that could meet an 80 MPG target number. They were getting close. The Japanese firms were worried and started their own hybrid projects "just in case." And then the US project ended and the Big 3 put their hybrids under wraps and went about selling more SUVs. As I