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The saga of Ken Tanisaka and BMW of Lincoln, Nebraska is almost over, as the embattled eBay winner of a nicely-priced BMW M3 sedan has exchanged funds with the dealership and the car is set to be shipped for delivery. It's been a long road for Ken involving lawyers and lots of patience as the dealership, part of the Husker Auto Group, stubbornly fought not to honor its eBay auction that Ken won for $10,000 below MSRP.

Click above for more pics of the damage allegedly caused Circuit City

UPDATE: Ken almost got his BMW M3 sedan this afternoon, but things fell through yet again. BMW of North America has now been contacted by Ken's lawyer. Click here for more.

We're betting M3post.com forum member, dooma350, had no idea that his call for help with a shady transaction on eBay Motors would become what it did. After winning a new BMW M3 Sedan on the online auction site from BMW of Lincoln, Nebraska, the dealership refused to sell the car despite there being no reserve price, claiming the auction was a "mistake". dooma350's single post for help on a forum led to an internet-based outcry on his behalf, with lawyers offering free advice, other websites (lik

UPDATE: 3-24-08 -- This was left on the original M3 forum thread by Ken, the nearly-defrauded winner of the eBay auction: "Sorry its taken so long to post a update. The site is very slow (understandably). This morning, BMW of Lincoln has agreed to sell me the car at a price of 60K, with certain conditions. I'll be going over the conditions with the dealership tommorow, and I hope to have everything finalized by tommorow afternoon." You can read the rest of his comment here. It's pretty cool what