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The Next Big Debate: Hardware or software?

More tech in your car? Oh, that's inevitable. But automakers are trying to figure out the best way to implement it. There are two main architectures currently; tethered and embedded. Ford's SYNC is an example of a tethered tech-integration system that uses Bluetooth to connect to mobile devices consumers already own and carry with them. General

RIM and BMW collaborate on iDrive-controlled BlackBerry integration [w/video]

BMW iDrive BlackBerry connectivity – Click above to view the video after the jump

BMW to add further features, complications, to iDrive

These days, technology and customization go hand-in-hand. Laptop computers and MP3 players now come in a rainbow of colors and your computer's operating system can be made to suit your unique preferences. BMW has big plans in store for its oft-criticized iDrive system which would make it and the vehicle in which it's installed extremely customizable as well. Simple choices such as color schemes and screensavers for the iDrive's graphical user interface pale in comparison to the ability to adjust

BMW's Ultimate Computing Machine

The ultimate driving machine is getting the ultimate computing machine. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but BMW has reached an agreement with Intel to use their new Albert 2 supercomputer at the BMW/Sauber Development Center near Zürich, Switzerland. The Albert 2 is only 60th on the list of world's fastest supercomputers at 12.8 teraflops per second. We think that's even quicker than the 20,000 RPM F1 engines.