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The i5 – or, rather, iNext – isn't dead.

Hands-off, eyes-off driving comes to BMW in 2021.

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We get behind the wheel of BMW's first production electric vehicle, the BMW i3. This groundbreaking car has been years in the making and marks a new electric era for the German automaker. With an eco-friendly design inside and out, the i3 looks to become the ultimate green machine.

Following the global debut of their i3 electric car, BMW has released new details for the second vehicle in their "i-brand" lineup. The BMW i8, which was revealed in concept form in late 2011, is a plug-in hybrid sports car that is expected to go on sale in 2014. Yesterday, a camouflaged prototype of the vehicle was shown at a test track in France.

With the launch of the new BMW i3 electric vehicle comes a new era in which luxury and performance brands compete for credibility over who produces electric vehicles that deliver the most exciting driving and ownership experiences.

The hotly anticipated 2014 BMW i3 electric car is set to be revealed on July 29. If eighteen days seems like too long to wait, you're in luck, as BMW has released a slew of new details on the vehicle, including a ballpark price and on-sale date.

BMW hopes to bring down the price of their upcoming "i" brand plug-in vehicles by selling them online. This is the German automaker's first attempt at selling cars over the internet and if it runs smoothly, you can bet we'll be seeing more online sales from BMW and competitors alike.