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The unadulterated beauty that is the BMW CS Concept cannot decide whether it wants to be built. A little more than a year ago the CS Concept was going to be the basis for a new flagship sedan. A month ago, BMW turned heel and walked away from a production version, running instead into the arms of smaller vehicles and EfficientDynamics. Now, Evo claims it has caught BMW testing a CS mule near BMW's headquarters. What is actually pictured, however, is a 7 Series with a CS-style nose and headlights

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Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the BMW CS Concept.

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BMW just dropped the full press kit on its stunning CS Concept unveiled yesterday in Shanghai. In case we didn't see it before, these diagrams clearly show similarities to class competitors, including the Quattroporte, Rapide and Panamera, with an overall BMW 7-Series flavor. They're even using the Gran Turismo tag in the press release. Read all the details about this emerging segment entry after the jump, and don't forget to visit both the official gallery and gallery of live shots, in case you

UPDATE: Check out live shots of the BMW Concept CS