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The rumors of BMW's new green brand have been circulating for months. We talked about the possibility back in January and November. A bit of news came in early February with the discussion of a revived Isetta small car. Automotive News (subs req'd) is now reporting that the Isetta rumors - or, as one of our readers said, iSetta - might be coming true. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer told AN that a 12-member planning group called "Project i" has been working behind the scenes for about a year to discus

Starting in mid-October (or thereabouts) rumors about the possibility of BMW going a bit greener with a new (purchased or acquired) brand began swirling. AutoblogGreen reader Dan finally called us on our silence on this point, writing the other day: How come, you didn't mention the rumors about BMW and their 4th eco-brand? Just search Google and you'll find a lot of articles. Check it out! The new name is said to be " Just "!?!?!?

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