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$100K BMW ActiveHybrid 7 qualifies for laughably small $900 credit

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Frankfurt 2009: BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid runs (almost) silent, runs deep

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BMW X6 Hybrid to be world's most powerful gas-electric vehicle?

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Spy Shots: BMW 755ih spotted undisguised

BMW is expected to roll out the production version of its new 755ih hybrid luxury sedan later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With little to differentiate the new gas-saving 7 Series from the rest of the German automaker's thirstier 7s, it's not surprising that the vehicle has been spotted out an about on European roadways with absolu

BMW X6 and 7 Series hybrids expected this fall

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REPORT: Production BMW 7-series hybrid expected to debut in Frankfurt

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LA 2008: 2009 BMW 7 Series and Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid unveiled LIVE

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LA 2008: Twin-turbo V8 slated for BMW 7 Series

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BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid to use batteries from Johnson Controls-Saft

BMW's upcoming 7 Series ActiveHybrid (where do they come up with these names, anyway?) will use a 120 volt lithium ion battery pack that will be supplied by Johnson Controls-Saft. That battery will be assembled at the Johnson Controls-Saft production facility in Nersac, France. BMW will place the lithium ion battery in the trunk, while a BMW standard-fare 12 volt Absorbent Glass Ma

Paris Preview: BMW releases more details on 7-series active hybrid

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New BMW 7-series hybrid uses lithium, still won't match efficiency of diesel

When BMW launches a hybrid version of the new 7-series sedan next year it looks like it will probably use the same Two-Mode hybrid system going into the X6 crossover. That configuration mates the hybrid transmission with the twin-turbocharged 4.4L V-8 that also debuted this spring in the X6. If Britain's CAR magazine is right, this may also be the first of the Two-Mode hybri