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As you know, blue is the new green, at least marketing-wise. Therefore, Volkswagen has decided to offer the BlueMotion badge in Brazil, albeit adapted to the homegrown fuel from the South American continent: the Brazilian BlueMotion bagde vehicles will be powered by ethanol. BlueMotion will be an option for the Fox (pictured above), Gol and Polo models. Not much information has been released yet, although the models are currently being shown at the São Paulo Motor Show. We know that the B

In a clever PR touch, Volkswagen will bring 102 of its new Polo BlueMotions to Geneva. That's one vehicle for each gram of CO2 the car emits per kilometer it drives (in testing, at least). We know a little about the car (see here) and the other goodies VW is bringing to the show (like the Passat BlueMotion you can see below), but not much about these: the Caddy Life Edition concept car and the Multivan Panamericana and VW's 'Future of the Car' interactive display. All the company is saying now

VW's cleanest, greenest model - the Polo BlueMotion - will be launched in Britain in the middle of this year. The BlueMotion model is a special variant of the mini Polo model that has a range of over 700 miles from a mere 11.9 gallon fuel tank thanks to fuel economy of 60 mpg. The 1.4L three cylinder diesel cranks out only 78 hp but still manages a 0-62 mph run of 12.8 sec. The five seater has been tweaked with goodies like low rolling resistance tires, taller gear rations and smaller rear-view