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Will it blend? If the answer is no – as was the case with the boron steel used to create the latest Ford Fiesta – perhaps all that's needed is a more powerful blender (insert appropriate Tim Allen-esque grunting sounds here) complete with handlebars and a twist-grip throttle? Enter the Party Blender, which uses a gas-powered engine in lieu of a standard wimpy plug-in electric motor.

Quizzically, it has become the custom of late to ask of practically any new product that comes to market, "Will it blend?" Today we are happy to bring you a bicycle capable of answering that question in the affirmative. The Juice Peddler makes a selection of bicycle / blender hybrids that can not only carry you about town, but also supply you with a refreshing fruit smoothie once you've arrived at your destination. While the company doesn't profess to have invented the bicycle blender (they've b