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Susanne Klatten is learning what it's like to live a recurring nightmare. Last year, the heiress to BMW's controversial controlling Quandt family fortune was blackmailed by Helg Sgarbi, a conman who seduced her into a two month affair and subsequently threatened to distribute video footage of their encounters to the public if she didn't hand over a payment of some 50 million Euros. Klatten refused and instead went to the police, resulting in a six-year jail sentence for Sgarbi. Germany's wealthi

Reports are surfacing from Munich where Susanne Klatten, the richest woman in Germany and heiress to the Quandt family fortune, is alleging she has been blackmailed. The Quandt family, which owns controlling interest in BMW, was outed in a recent documentary outlining the family's wartime activities that included close ties with Adolf Hitler and the use of slave labor during the Holocaust to make batteries and munitions for the Nazis.

Engineers and marketing specialists invariably inject reality into a designer's original vision before it ever hits the streets. Despite these intrinsic modifications, one former design student claimed he created the original inspiration for the Mazda RX8, Audi TT, BMW Z3 and Volvo XC90. Guy Lloyd-Parker believed the vehicles were spawned from some of the 95 drawings that were stolen from him by college lecturers at The London College of Fashion in 1994. After Mr. Lloyd-Parker was unsuccessful i