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As our brothers at Autoblog like to say, it's "officially official." GM has confirmed their plans to offer all Hummers with biofuel-capable engine options. According to Automotive News, a Hummer official has said that the 2009 H2 and H2 SUT will be equipped with flex-fuel engines capable on running on gasoline or ethanol, making them the first such Hummers available. The 2010 Hummer H3 will be offered with a flex-fuel version of GM's direct injection 3.6L V-6 and we've heard plenty of rumblings

The look and feel of the Hummer HX concept has been on our computer screens for a while now, but today was the first time we got to look at the baby Hummer in the metal for the first time. And, surprise, surprise, GM is saying with a straight face that the Hummer brand and the environment can get along. Of all the Hummer vehicles, the HX certainly comes closest, being smaller and lighter than ever before and being the first Hummer to be E85-ready (see this previous post). Just on general princip