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Back in October, an L-29 military aircraft named BioJet I powered by nothing but B100 biodiesel made a successful flight over Reno, Nevada. That short jaunt has now set the stage for something bigger: the first round-the-world flight powered by biodiesel. The pilot behind this undertaking is Doug Rodante, and he's assembled a team called Green-Flight International to help him use the cheaper and more environmentally-friendly biofuel in his quest. The team is currently working on an FAA fuel test

Sure, we've shown you plenty of jet engines powered by 100% biodiesel before, but one thing separates each of them from our latest find: they were all operated on the ground. An L-29 military aircraft powered solely by 100 percent biodiesel has now been successfully flown over Reno, Nevada. Biodiesel Solutions and Green Flight International collaborated on this project, which has as its goal to reduce the impact that jet travel has on the environment. Before the machine was taken into the air, e