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We talked about the uncommon but still serious cases of fires caused by biodiesel enthusiasts making the biofuel in their back yard just the other day. Even at industrial facilities, though, making fuel isn't exactly safe, and a fire at the Minnesota Soybean Processors Plant in Brewster, Minnesota forced local residents to evacuate their homes Saturday night. No serious injuries were reported, but the Deputy State Fire Marshall Investigator on the scene told local news station KSFY that the loss

While fuel prices are nothing like they were last summer (but they are climbing), there are still plenty of reasons to want to make your own biodiesel. Homebrew biodieselers are, on the whole, a careful bunch and there are plenty of classes available to make sure your mixing of vegetable fat, lye and methanol goes smoothly. Not everyone does it right every time, though, and The Associated Press has found a few incidents of biodiesel makers setting garages and backyards on fire in at least five s

Fifty miles north of Boise, Idaho on Friday, a fire broke out and caused an explosion at the Blue Sky Biodiesel facility. One man, Blaise Black, died and two were injured in the accident. The plant was not yet operational, and the explosion happened while Blue Sky employee Black was welding on top of a biodiesel storage tank. In the end, the entire building was engulfed in flame. Black's father and another man were burned and suffered smoke inhalation. The AP story on the event says that the Blu