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A group called Clean Technology Australia collected investors, dealers and Australian biofuel company CEOs together for a forum to discuss the current situation and future possibilities of biofuels Down Under recently. The short of it is that biodiesel rules ethanol, but overall Australia lags behind the U.S. and Brazil. Australia could grow crops that would produce between 600 and 750 million liters of biofuel (a year?). Biodiesel is more popular than ethanol in Australia thanks to an existing

All over the world, biofuels are being heralded as a solution to many of the problems of the 20th century. Well, the fuels have got problems as well and Australian insurance agents may put the breaks on the rapid biofuel expansion in that country because of those problems. UPI has a quick news item about Australian insurance brokers who are worried the biofuel field is "open to exploitation and error because pressure to adopt such alternative fuels as biodiesel has eclipsed the government's abil