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As expected, the Dyson Racing Team, MazdaSpeed and BP announced today that the Lola-Mazda cars will be running on a new blend of biobutanol and ethanol for the 2010 American Le Mans Series Season. The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), which handles the technical regulations for ALMS, put out a technical bulletin last week announcing that iBE20 had been approved for use in LMP-class cars this year. The Dyson team ran one of its two cars unclassified as a test during the last two race

AutoblogGreen reader Vinay wrote in with a simple request: "Hey, can you guys do a piece on butanol?" Of course we can. After all, it is a fuel that can be made from plants and used in regular gasoline engines with no modifications and will get better mileage than gasoline. At least, that's what some people claim.