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The radio show Living on Earth did the biodiesel trucker circuit last week with a segment on the hundreds of trucker gas stations that sell B5 or B20. Carl's Corner obviously plays a big part in the story, but producer Shia Levitt also gets to talking about the National Biodiesel Board and the Bill Mack Show. Bill Mack is a country music DJ and relentless biodiesel promoter who often talks with Willie Nelson on Mack's four-hour daily show. Even with all this promotion, the biodiesel industry its

If you want an entirely feel-good and reasonable listen into the biodiesel world at Carl's Corner (the first truck stop in America to sell biodiesel fuel), give this NPR story a try. It doesn't have a lot of fresh "news", but it's a great audio snapshot of how biofuel is viewed at the Corner, how homebrewers make the fuel and other intangibles of the biodiesel movement. NPR's The Kitchen Sisters visited the station and produced a piece with lots of interviews fading in and out of each other, bio