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Pneumatic tires, the rubbers that adorn virtually every car, have proven to be extremely problematic to recycle. Apart from playground flooring, rubberized mulch, running tracks and footwear, finding feasible ways to reuse or earth-friendly methods to dispose of spent tires has been difficult. There's hopeful news on the horizon, though, since, a scientist at the University of Basque Country in Spain has discovered a process that transforms discarded tires into fuel.

In Translogic episode 6.3 we explore biodiesel, the alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel. Yes, there are big benefits, but the question remains: Will it work for the average diesel passenger car?

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Salon has an interview with Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson. He is probably the leading candidate on green issues. He talks about a number of things including CAFE, biofuels and electric cars. In contrast to recent statements by John Edwards, Bill says you don't have to give up your SUV. He says "what I'm asking for is not sacrifice, like Americans' wearing sweaters and turning the heat down. What I'm asking for is being more energy-efficient with appliances, with vehicles, with

John Edward's biofuel plan has some interesting ideas. Lets take them one by one. First, expansion of an EPA school bus program that hopes to replace diesel with biofuel. 90 percent of school buses run diesel which can easily run biofuel and not spit so much nastiness at the kids. The EPA program has already shown healthy expansion as we've written. It's something everyone can agree on. No one is pro-soot that I know of anyway. Lets get to the tough stuff.

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