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There's a theory that only men comfortable with their manliness can get away with wearing pink. Whether you buy that or not, Ford's tough little Ranger pickup is trading its plaid shirt image for the pink livery of Salford, UK.

UPDATE: Live shots from SEMA show floor added after jump

The water bureau in Portland, OR has been running their fleet of diesel-powered trucks on B20 biodiesel since August 2004. After doing more analysis and testing they began running their entire fleet on B99 on September 26. The water bureau uses about 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually and determined that switch would be almost cost neutral. They also hope to help spur more local production of biodiesel.

Our readers might not consider motor sports as a very green activity, but some people are trying to at least improve the image of the sport. After the announcement from Audi a few months ago that it would be entering a diesel-powered race car at Le Mans, a French team which has entered cars in the junior prototype class at the Le Mans 24 Hour race since 1992 has announced plans to compete with a bio-diesel powered car in the event in 2008. The team will actually receive support from a French ass

In order to support high demand for diesel vehicles in Europe, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. has announced that it will start building oil-burning engines at its plant in Britain. Currently, its UK plant gets diesel powerplants from Japan, and will initially get the parts for the engines from Japan. Ultimately, however, the company plans to produce the parts in Blighty and assemble 20,000-30,000 engines annually.