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Over the Memorial Day weekend, the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, stood next to the Cummins-Blue Sun Biodiesel dragster and filled 'er up with biodiesel (B20). The event was held at the Nambe Falls Travel Center and marked the opening of the third fueling station in New Mexico to offer ethanol in E10 and E85 proportions and biodiesel (as B5 and B20). Other biofuel-capable vehicles were on hand for the PR event that aimed to raise awareness among local residents that biofuels are here a

Bloomberg editors selected as the lede of a story yesterday about former Chrysler head Lee Iacocca the comment that Cerberus is doing the right thing with Chrysler, the AutoblogGreen audience might be more interested in something buried down at the bottom of the article. Iacocca made comments on PHEVs vs. hydrogen that are, for us, more interesting, no? Iacocca clearly took a stand on the future powertrain debate, saying that, "Plug-in hybrids: that's the wave of the future, not hydrogen." Unfor