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When sales slow, the old business adage dictates that you either cut expenses or raise rates. For the two big boys left in Detroit and the soon-to-be, if not already, sold off Chrysler corp, the latter seems to be the only viable option.

On Tuesday, November 14, the CEO's of the three Detroit based car-makers finally got the White House meeting that they've been waiting for so many months. GM's Rick Wagoner, Chrysler's Tom LaSorda, and Ford's Alan Mulally got to sit down with the President in the oval office for about an hour. Today the three companies issued a joint statement about the meeting and it has some interesting details about energy policy. Among the highlights were a voluntary committment to making half of their annua

California is said to be a trendsetter in many aspects of American life. Some of these developments have been for the betterment of the automotive world (we'll let you decide that in the comments) and some have been decidedly negative (the 91-octane swill they call "gas" comes to mind). But for Detroit's major automakers, recent figures have shown that the big two and half are having a hard time selling their wares in The Golden State.

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