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UK supermarket starts selling B30, manufacturers advise customers not to fill-up

The British supermarket chain Morrison's sells B30 - petroleum diesel with 30 percent biodiesel blended into it - at 113 pump stations in their supermarkets in the United Kingdom. However, switching to B30 might not be advisable for some motorists, and there are still worries that the biofuel could void the car's warranty. Currently, only PSA engines, sold under the Citroën and Peugeot marques, explicitly allow drivers to fill up with B30 without voiding the warranty. 15 other brands - Audi

Comprehensive list of biodiesel myths dispelled

Gas2.0, a website focused on biofuels, has published a very interesting set of 22 dispelled biodiesel myths. Some of them are dispensed with very straightforwardly and all are in favor of using biodiesel.