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Valmet working to meet demand for sold-out Marussia B2

By all accounts, Marussia is just another exotic automaker hoping to sell a few supercars but just as likely to disappear into obscurity. Except that it hasn't, and may not for some time.

Spy Shots: Marussia B2, is that you?

Marussia B2 -- Click above for image gallery

Networks to reuse cooking oil for biodiesel production

Seriously: what do you do with your leftover cooking oil? Most people just pour it down the drain (not pointing any fingers, here). This is quite bad for a couple of reasons: first because it can affect waste water treatment plants and second because a potential fuel is lost. We have written a lot about how used oils can be made into car fuel before; today we have three more examples about global initiatives to raise awareness about recycling used oil.

Washington State farmers experiment with canola as biodiesel cash crop

Farmers in Washington State are experimenting with canola for biodiesel production as a new cash crop to supplement existing diary or vegetable crop income. Conditions in Snohomish County, which boasts cool temperatures, moist sea air and good soils, are proving to be so ideal for canola growing that yields are vastly outpacing European norms. Last year Snohomish County farmers averaged 158 gallons / 598 L of biodi

Georgia law takes one minor step into biodiesel territory

There were two minor laws relating to biodiesel use in Georgia in the Georgia General Assembly this year. The Southeast Farm Press reports that biodiesel was defined and that the state would move to biodiesel for its diesel vehicles.