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Motorsports is expensive in any form, although there are ways to do it without completely breaking the bank. One of those ways is the relatively new B-Spec class featuring the compact offerings of Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Kia, Mini and more that allows racers to compete in SCCA and Grand-Am racing on a relatively level and inexpensive playing field.

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It may have taken them a while to get around to it, but after reviving the Mini marque in 1994, BMW hasn't forgotten the original's rich racing heritage. It's what's taken them into the World Rally Championship, and is now leading to a B-Spec racer available right here in the United States.

Racing is a rich man's sport, no question about it. Sure, there are some ways to get into a bit of wheel-to-wheel that cost less than others, such as the 24 Hours of LeMons, but even that is more expensive than you might think. But regardless of the cost, some people still need to scratch that racing itch. One way to keep costs down is to get into spec racing – everyone uses the same type of car and they are typically kept showroom stock minus the addition of safety features such as a roll