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Capable of carrying dozens of bombs, missiles, and mines, the B-52 is devastating even after 64 years.

Breaking down what 70,000 pounds of weapons look like makes for a daunting scene. If it's in the US military's arsenal, the B-52 can probably carry it.


Secretary of Defense Ash Carter hinted that the B-52 bomber could be used as an 'arsenal plane,' saying the concept would be based on an 'older' platform.


America is sending one of its deadliest weapons systems to the Korean Peninsula in response to North Korean nuclear testing.


The US Air Force has appointed Northrop Grumman as the supplier for its new long-range strike bomber program, which is valued at $60 billion.


The B-2 upgrade program will allow the iconic bomber to better manage the more potent and sensitive air defenses being allowed by today's computer systems.

It's not the formula you would prefer, but the military is testing an alternative fuel for B-52 bombers and other jet-powered aircraft.