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First Drive: 2010 Toyota Prius puts up BIG numbers

2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

2010 Toyota Prius: The steering wheel wants your Touch (Tracer Display)

There is one aspect of the 2010 Prius that AutoblogGreen didn't highlight in its recent info overload post on the 2010 Toyota Prius: the Touch Tracer Display. There is usually nothing in front of the speedometer in most cars; we want a clear view of how fast we're g

First Drive: 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid and GMC Sierra Hybrid

2009 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Hybrid – Click above for high-res gallery

New Tesla Model S teaser surfaces, our friend Jason orders two!

Click above to view enhanced version of Tesla Model S teaser

Tesla Roadster rated at 300 HP

Click above for more high-res images of the Tesla Roadster

In the ABG Garage: 2008 Chevy Tahoe Two-Mode Hybrid

One of the best parts about being a member of the Autoblog team, besides all the chicks and autograph requests, is driving some of the best vehicles in the world and writing about it here. When it comes to hybrids, though, we tend to leave the heavy lifting to our brethren over at AutoblogGreen, and our eco-conscious friends never let us down. Gang green got their hands on a 2008 Chevy Tahoe Tw

Frankfurt Preview: Details on Opel E-Flex concept with diesel range extender

The Chevy Volt concept that debuted this past January in Detroit has generated more buzz than any concept in recent memory, mainly because of outrageous gas prices, coupled with the fact that GM is working its tail off to get one built by 2010. To generate the same level of buzz across the Atlantic, team GM is prepping an Opel version of the battery-powered green-machine. The two models wil

AutoblogGreen wants to pay you to blog. Apply today

I'm pretty sure it was the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said your browser can't view the same blog twice, as things are always changing. This is especially true at AutoblogGreen, and we want you to be part of the change. We need more people who love cars and green car technology (and have the chops to convey that enjoyment to others in snappy blog posts) to write for us, so we're putting out the call to take on some more paid blog

AutoblogGreen for 10.27.06

Which car gets more looks from the ladies, a Mustang or a Prius? The New York Times investigates, but I think it depends which decade you're talking about, or what crowd you're talking with. Join the conversation at AutoblogGreen.

AutoblogGreen for 10.26.06

Are the extra pounds on our bodies making us burn extra gas? One university study says yes, to the tune of a billion gallons a year. I bet that make nine-year-old Paige Lewis even more excited about the Honda Civic Hybrid she got to color. And Consumer Reports says that the Prius holds it's value better than any other vehicle from 2004. Everybody is green-fu fighting.

AutoblogGreen for 10.25.06

Should we care if the domestics survive? They've had plenty of time to introduce smaller cars to the U.S. market, but they're still way behind. It's not like the Japanese companies were hiding their fuel-efficient strategies these past few years. So, what's the solution? Join the discussion over at AutoblogGreen.

AutoblogGreen for 10.24.06

Diesel. It's good, it's good, and it's ugly. The first good: Audi cannot lose this year with their diesel endurance racing team. The second good: diesel is the thrifty guy's fuel. The ugly: diesel soot makes kids in the Bronx wheeze with asthma. Thankfully, the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel introduced across the counrty earlier this month kind of makes it three goods in a row. On the biofuel front, how about that EPA finding loopholes for ethanol plants to pollute through? What a shame.

AutoblogGreen for 10.20.06

It's time to air some clean laundry. AutoblogGreen's Mike Magda took anti-clean energy homeowner's associations to task yesterday. Good stuff. With the rules some folks live under, you can't work on your car in the driveway, much less have an appleseed biodiesel reactor humming away. That's no way to live. Fight the power (with clean power).

AutoblogGreen for 10.19.06

Whether you're interested in the long or the short of greener driving, AutoblogGreen has got you covered. Yesterday, we had the clean diesel technology BlueTec explained in a one-minute video as well as a long interview with Sherry Boschert, the author of an upcoming book on plug-in hybrids. Plus, another on-the-ground report from the new hydrogen filling station in Michigan and how clean cars are becoming political this fall.

AutoblogGreen for 10.18.06

The World Series is just around the corner, and I'm thinking baseball. To prepare, we had one heckuva lineup warming up in the AutoblogGreen bullpen yesterday. We had Japanese monster ethanol and a $1 million fuel cell Ford Focus test drive. We had a hacked Prius and a hybrid that can run on (get this) diesel, biodiesel, hydrogen, batteries or solar power. With a team this strong, why am I still worried about having to face the Tigers?

AutoblogGreen for 10.17.06

TRL means one thing to the MTV Generation, but in the electric vehicle industry, it means batteries. TRL's president cleared up some questions AutoblogGreen had about the company's new battery type yesterday. Plus, we find another RAV4 EV for sale on eBay. if you've been looking to avoid the gas station, now's your chance.

AutoblogGreen for 10.13.06

Ever had a suspicion that flex-fuel vehicles may not be as green as the car companies would have us believe? Check out the "addicted to gasoline" story below and have all your fears confirmed. Toyota also made a big green announcement about their "Aim: Zero Emissions" program this week. Details and other goodies at AutoblogGreen.

AutoblogGreen for 10.12.06

Diesel was certainly the new black yesterday on AutoblogGreen. From BMW's announcement it would run two 355d vehicles at the Thunderhill enduro to Alfa's reemergence to WTCC with diesel to some Texas mesquite biodiesel, the cleaner petroleum fuel was all the rage. And this isn't even mentioning Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, which officially starts making its way through the system Oct. 15.

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