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With numerous countries aggressively seeking ways to promote electric vehicles (EVs), incentives have popped up almost everywhere. From the $7,500 offered in the U.S. to $8,500 in Ontario, Canada, these incentives will help reduce the cost of EVs and hopefully speed up their initial adoption. While incentives are great, they will eventually disappear, leaving EVs to either succeed or fail on their own merits. When incentives drift away in a few years, will the EV market be able to survive on its

All types of student-built vehicles competed in a 24-hour endurance race that showcased different types of green technology. Around 8,000 students and teachers were involved in Energy Breakthrough, a 4-day science fair event in Maryborough near Melbourne. Almost 300 8-member teams from 160 schools relied on human power assisted by solar, electric and limited fuels for internal-combustion engines. The main event was nearly 900 kilometers long, or 600 miles. Some vehicles reached speeds of 37 mph.