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The New York Times reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has broadened its investigation into faulty transmissions used in the Saturn Aura. A total of nearly 89,000 vehicles are now being looked at, including 2007-2008 Auras and 2008 Saturn Aura Green Line hybrid models. Before the investigation's expansion, about 44,000 units from the 2007 model year were under scrutiny. Multiple crash incidents have been reported, and General Motors apparently says the problem is limi

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A union rep for UAW Local 31 told the Kansas City Star that GM's Fairfax, Kansas plant, where the Saturn Aura and Chevy Malibu are constructed, will add the new Aura Green Line to the mix sometime this week. Five of the hybrid Auras will be produced per week and be used for road testing prior to the car going into full production in early 2007. It doesn't end there, either, as the facility's plant manager also told The Star that once the Aura Green Line is introduced in the spring, attention wil

Derrick got a peek at the new Saturn Aura hybrid at the NextFest a few weeks ago, and for those of you interested in GM's latest mild hybrid, the good news is that production on the test vehicles will start this week and the cars should be available early next year. GM's plant in Fairfax, Kansas will begin making five hybrid Aura Green Lines a week for testing. There's not a whole lot of numbers out about the Aura hybrid, but we do know that standards Auras get 20 mpg in the city and 28 or 29 on