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VIDEO: God's ringtone is a V10-powered Audi R8

Click above for a gallery of the V10 Audi R8.

UPDATE: 520-HP V10 for Audi R8 coming in 2008

If at first -- or three times -- you don't succeed, then try a V10 without turbos. After a few RS8's went up like popcorn while testing with the twin-turbo V10 from the RS6, Evo magazine bolsters our report from yesterday that the new supeR8 will come with a normally aspirated V10. However, it will be a clean-sheet-of-paper engine, and not related to the V10s in the RS6 or Lamborghini Galla

Mysteriously burnt Audi revealed to be V10 RS8

The phrase "580-HP twin-turbo V10" is hot enough to raise the temperature of any sports car enthusiast. And as sad photos of flambeed Audis have attested, without glacial cooling it's also hot enough to turn Audi RS8 test mules into fireworks.

Spy Shots: Audi RS8 burns on the Ring

Awww. This is just too sad for words. You'll have to click through to see the pics for yourself. A new Audi RS8 undergoing some high-performance testing at the 'Ring burned to the ground before firefighters could douse the flames. The driver apparently escaped unharmed, but this beautiful sports car was lost. We suppose this is one of the reasons that manufacturers do extensive testing before releasing products to the public,.

Audi R8 ragtop coming, two new powerplants possible

Audi dropped a considerable amount of energy and cash when developing the R8, and, according to the reviews thus far, it's likely to be a hit. If Audi decided not to broaden the R8's offerings, it would be a huge mistake from a financial, marketing and enthusiast point of view. It's practically a given that a drop top variant of the mid-ship coupe will eventually be produced, and according to Autovisie, it will carry the name R8 Spyder and should be released sometime in 2008.