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Nobody is going to argue that the Audi R8 diesel will be saving the earth. It won't. But, like the Tesla Roadster, a diesel version of the awe-inspiring Audi supercar could go a long way towards convincing consumers that diesels don't have to be smelly, dirty, noisy and slow. Chances are that the Audi's V12 diesel won't be making it behind the passenger compartment of the R8, but rumor has it that a 4.2 liter TDI V8 might. Yes, please ... and why not fill it up with biodiesel while we're at it.

A Video has now leaked out of Audi's new monster diesel concept that's going to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in just a few days. Audi is taking the 5.5L TDI V-12 they had in Q7 TDI concept at last year's show and stuffing it into the rear end of the R8 sports car. That's a combination that can yield a 0-60mph time of 4.2 seconds with a 186mph top speed on the Autobahn while steel achieving an average of the 23mpg on the EU test cycle. This 500hp, 737lb-ft monster is unlikely to ever make