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Honda kills off its adorable Asimo humanoid robot

But the technology will live on with useful real-world applications

But the technology will live on with useful real-world applications

New Honda ad has Senna, Type R, Asimo, and astronauts

Wieden+Kennedy creates a rocket-launch-themed ad for Honda Motor Europe called "Ignition," showcasing Asimo the robot, Formula 1 cars, a plane, and the CR-V.

Watch Obama kick the ball around with Honda's latest ASIMO

Bend it like Obama. The Commander-In-Chief was just in Japan for a state visit, and his trip took him to a science expo, where he played a bit of soccer with Honda's latest ASIMO robot. The entire scene was captured on video, and showed the innovative robot as it ran, hopped and kicked a soccer ball to a bemused President Obama.

Newest version of Honda's ASIMO coming to TV on April 15

Honda's ASIMO robot is moving into its teenage years, having originally been introduced in 2000, and like all teens, it's still learning. The bot has received regular incremental upgrades over that time, and the latest version will premiere on LIVE with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday, April 15.

Honda announces UNI-CUB β personal mobility device

Honda has announced what can be considered version 2.0 of its Uni-Cub personal mobility device released last year, the Uni-Cub β, which features a small list of improvements to make it safer and easier to use. It'll be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.

Asimo has a friend! Honda debuts Miimo robotic lawnmower

People who know me say that if it weren't for Autoblog, I'd probably be running a site called Mowerblog. I'm unusual in that lawn mowing, to me, is a form of relaxation, a hobby like knitting or racquetball is for someone else. As such, I try to buy the best equipment, and that means there's a Honda mower in my garage.

Freddie Ford predates Asimo by 34 years

So how's this for a way to celebrate National Robotics Week? Ford has dug up some photos and press releases from the late 1960s featuring "Freddie Ford," a quasi-robot made out of auto parts that entertained crowds on the auto show circuit.

Honda's new ASIMO robot can now pour you a drink all on its own [w/video]

Honda does a whole lot more than just cars. They do motorbikes, ATVs, power equipment, outboard marine engines, personal watercraft, business jets... and yes, even robots. In fact its ASIMO humanoid robot (parodied in a rather disturbingly hilarious episode of South Park) is one of the most advanced in the field of robotics, and it's only getting more so as the Japanese industrial giant has just unveiled its latest iteration.

Honda's Asimo + Kinect = Creepy animatronic hokey-pokey

When the end of the world comes, it will arrive on the shoulders of dancing robots. The researchers behind Asimo, the humanoid robot from Honda, have tapped into the muscle behind the Xbox Kinect system to allow users to control Asimo using nothing more than their own body movements. With self-collision safeguards and upper and lower body correlation programming in place, the adorable face of our robotic overlords is moving more like a human than ever before. What's more, Aismo can now utilize a

Honda denies Asimo being modified for nuclear clean up

ASIMO is the humanoid robot created by Honda that looks like a diminutive moonman who loves to slowly climb stairs. The four-foot three-inch robot is capable of a lot more than ascending stairways faster than the elderly, however, and rumors were swirling that ASIMO might be outfitted to handle nuclear cleanup duty.

Honda's ASIMO gets an iPhone app

Honda loves its friendly ASIMO robot, and for the most part, we get a kick out of him, too. (Especially when he has a bad day.) The little guy's latest endeavor is a starring role in a new iPhone app (coming soon to Android as well) designed to get you up and moving. Run With ASIMO is basically a fancy pedometer that uses your phone's accelerometer to count each step you take.

Honda's ASIMO celebrates 10 years [w/video]

ASIMO turns 10 – Click above to watch the video after the jump

World's Greenest Cheerleader: ASIMO roots on drivers at Honda's Green Car Challenge

Even Honda's little humanoid robot ASIMO cares about saving the environment and conserving fuel. To show support for going green, ASIMO was on hand at Honda's Green Car Challenge in Romania to wave the flag at the start/finish line, cheering on competitors throughout the event and handing out awards when it was all over. Too bad ASIMO didn't drive one of the challenge cars.

Honda updates Impossible Dream ad with CR-Z, Asimo and hot tub

Honda Impossible Dream II – Click above to watch video after the jump

Honda rolls out Asimo ancestor ten years later

We don't know why Honda has kept Prototype 4, otherwise known as P4 (right), and probably known as ED-209 to humanoids in the near future, in a closet for ten years. P4 was the robot after P3 and just before the 'bot we have come to know as Asimo. Asimo was released so soon after P3 was retired that P4 never got his time to shine on stage, but ten years in the dark is still a bit stiff.

GM teaming up with NASA to build robots. Suck it, Asimo [w/video]

Robonaut 2 by GM and NASA – Click above for high-res image gallery

Geneva 2009 = Honda Insight + ASIMO

Click above for more of ASIMO with the Honda Insight

Hydrogen car to lead Rose Parade, 5-story Asimo robot

Honda has been a major sponsor of the Tournament of Roses for a good long while and seems to pride itself on creating award-winning parade floats for the annual event. This year, the Japanese automaker isn't holding anything back as it celebrates its 50th anniversary in the United States. This year's Rose Parade, which marks the 120th running of the event, will be led by a hydrogen-powered Honda FCX Clarity and a Super Cub motorcycle. It would be difficult to pick two machines from one vehicle

Honda experimenting with walking assist device

Click above for more shots of the Honda Walking Assist Device

Honda FCX Clarity available for the G8 summit

For the upcoming G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in northern Japan in early July, a lot of advanced technology vehicles will be on display and used to move officials and dignitaries (oh, and media representatives) around. Honda is the latest to announce their starting lineup, and it includes the hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity (above) and nine Civic hybrids. Don't care about Honda's wheeled inventions? Then spend time with ASIMO humanoid robot and some CIGS thin solar cells, both of which will

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