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Have you ever seen the old (circa 1950s) "educational" short film called The Chicken of Tomorrow? The brilliants behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 eviscerated this movie back in the day, and that's how I first found it. Their Chicken of Tomorrow is different from the one you can watch over at Archive.org, which features some of the same footage with different narration. The main difference that we're concerned with is in the MST3K version, where the narrator says that "The [chicken] industry c

Man or Astroman? was a popular indie band in the mid- and late 1990s. Moving on from their tales of intergalactic alien takeovers, one of the band members, Robert del Bueno has become a staunch promoter of DIY biodiesel, and Archive.org has a great 5-minute movie on del Bueno and his biodiesel-making process. The clip is short and sweet, and really shows how an average guy (even rock stars from other planets, which you'd understand if you followed MOAM? or even their clone bands back in the day)