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Toyota will spend $100m over four years in new Technical Research Institute in Michigan

Toyota already has a Toyota Technical Center that is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The TTC works on "engineering design, prototype building, vehicle evaluation, evaluation and design of parts and materials, regulatory affairs, emissions certification and technical research." So, what's with the news today about an expansion of the TTC campus to include a new Toyota Research Institute of North America? According to Toyota, the TRI will address "four key priorities: advanced technologies,

Chinese electric scooter now available in Ann Arbor

As a college town with an image (not entirely deserved, by the way) as a bastion of liberalism, Ann Arbor, MI has long had a fringe population of oddball vehicles. It's not that unusual to spot an electric vehicle like a Corbin Sparrow or a first-generation Smart ForTwo puttering around town. So far I have yet to see a Vectrix electric scooter anywhere near my office, which is not surprising given its $11,000 price tag Sam Abuelsamid

CAR launches the Connected Vehicle Proving Center

The recently announced Connected Vehicle Proving Center was officially dedicated at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, MI on Tuesday. A number of officials, including the director of the center Stephen Underwood and CAR director Dr. David Cole, spoke about the mission of the center. The CPVC is is a joint venture of the Connected Vehicle Tra