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Never too cool for two wheels: Brad Pitt spotted on a new custom motorcycle

It looks like even Hollywood Superstars are not immune to the lure of well-crafted American Iron. The paparazzi recently caught Brad Pitt out for a cruise aboard the one-off steed pictured above. Mr Pitt is no stranger to the health benefits of a good right-wrist exercise regiment – he's been spotted cruising the left coast on several different cycles, including a full range of Ducatis as well

Remember that 'No Women on Top Gear' thing? Forget it. Hammond wants Angelina

Last month, Jeremy Clarkson said that introducing a female host to Top Gear "would be a disaster." The relative youngster among the Top Gear crew, Richard Hammond, isn't so sure he'd call it a disaster, depending on the female in question. Hammond's opinion is that old fogies Clarkson and May are simply out of it, and "If we had to have a female co-host, I think we'd all choose Angelina Jolie," because she "has a Land Rover and guns."

No. 5 celebrity that U.K. men most want to have a date with: The Top Gear crew?

No, really. At least according to Madbid.com, a British auction site (£1,000 cash for £8.06) that arranges celebrity auctions for charity. First, which celebrity topped the list? The sultry, three-kinds of sexy Megan Fox, of course. Second place was British singer/soccer wife Cheryl Cole, third place was Angelina Jolie and fourth place went to Katie Price, sort of a younger, trashier English version of Pamela Anderson with much larger breast implan

Photo evidence: Celebs ride on scooters

Click on the image to see more celebrity scooter riders