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ACLU launches phone app to help motorists secretly record police stops [w/video]

Shortly after the New York branch of the American Civil Liberties Union created an app called Stop and Frisk Watch, in response to the law enforcement tactic of the same name, the ACLU branch in New Jersey has created a Police Tape app.

Chevy launches app to give away tons of stuff during Super Bowl

Because the Super Bowl isn't enough of a spectacle already, there will be 20 Chevrolet vehicles and a heap of other prizes up for grabs during the big game. General Motors has revealed the Chevy Game Time app, which, once downloaded, presents trivia questions and polls about what's happening during the broadcast. Get the right answer or the most common answer, and you're put in a drawing for one of

Escort marries social networking and radar detection with Android/iPhone app [w/video]

Now we're not suggesting that you're a lawbreaker, but if you're a social networker and you'd like to know where speedtraps are – for no reason at all – then Escort might be able to help. Makers of the Passport line of detectors, Escort has started a mobile app-supported network called Escort Live that features Bluetooth notifications.

Nissan releases Leaf app for Android devices * UPDATE

Well before the December 2010 launch of the Nissan Leaf, well, um, there was already an app for that. That's right, way back in May of 2010, Nissan revealed the Leaf's iPhone app.

Zipcar Android app drops beta tag

Having been ready for download in the Android market for a while now, Zipcar has officially dropped the beta tag from its Android app v1.0 and made it available to all.

eBay Motors to launch its own iPhone app

We admit to spending an inordinate amount of time trolling eBay Motors, and soon enough we'll be able to browse the auto related goods with a dedicated iPhone, Android or iPad app. The new program will enable users to search for vehicles more efficiently than the current eBay app, eliminating much of the ancillary cruft we normally get while searching for four-wheeled rarities and oddities.

GM and OnStar's mobile apps now available on iPhone and Android

If you own a 2011 General Motors vehicle equipped with OnStar and you also carry an iPhone or Android-based phone, then you are in for a treat. Two new apps have just been released for your smartphones: myChevrolet and OnStar MyLink. OnStar MyLink works with the onboard OnStar system in your car and offers location-based services, such as a GPS parking reminder and vehicle reference mater

Irony Police: State Farm releases texting app to curb distracted driving [w/video]

State Farm On The Move Android App – Click above to view the video after the jump

Google Open Spot app crowd-sources parking

For such a simple act of humanity, parking a car can sometimes be the single most horrendous act of your morning commute or that late night trip to Taco Bell the local mall. If only there was an easier way to know exactly where you'd be able to locate the perfect spot ahead of time, right?