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Rendered Speculation: Alfa Romeo Milano, the next 147

Although Car magazine says the coming Alfa Romeo Milano (nee 147) is "quite different from the Mito mini," their rendering of the car makes it look an awful lot like a Mito with two more doors. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since it just means more of a good thing. Compared to its 147 predecessor, it will be longer and lower, although still relatively Golf-sized.

Spy Shots: Next Alfa Romeo Milano spotted

One of the Alfa Romeos the U.S. buying public got to know (and largely ignore) was the Milano. Back then, the Milano was a wedgy, compact sedan with a proper trunk. From the looks of things, Alfa is prepared to resurrect the Milano name, only this time it won't go on another sedan. Instead, it's expected to adorn a compact, five-door hatch that shares a platform with the Fiat Bravo and

Alfa Romeo 147 diesel hot hatch

Sometime in the next few years Alfa Romeo is supposed to return to the US market, but whether we get the 147 or its successor is still questionable. The 147 is Alfa's smallest model, comparable in size to a VW Golf and they offer engines with 120 or 150 hp burning either gas or diesel. The high-end front wheel drive diesel model now offers a special differential know as Q2. The Q2 setup features a Torsen limited slip differen