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The marketing-obsessed folks over at Adweek have compiled a list of the most-watched advertisements on YouTube of all time. Six of those 20 ads are automotive-related, which should come as no surprise, considering the amount of money automakers pour into car ads.

Nissan's "Innovation for All" ad campaign - Click above to watch video after the jump

2011 Buick Regal television ad spot – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Bernie Ecclestone has three daughters -- four if you count Formula 1 -- and the one you see above is Tamara, posing with a checkered flag. Why? To help PETA fight the fur trade, of course. Under the slogan "Going fur-free is the winning formula," Tamara has done a series of print ads in Europe that appear to say "If you really care about animals, not only will you not wear fur, you won't wear any clothes at all. And you'll be hot. Like Natasja Vermeer and Eva Mendes hot. Or Steve-O." Vive l'Euro

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Behind the man finishing his follow through (he didn't keep his head down) is a glimpse of the new BMW 7-Series front end. Freed from the matte black paint on the mules and with the right bit of studio lighting, the car has the kind of bada** mien that we should expect from the top dog BMW. And we finally see what the tape has been covering over the headlights: chrome eyelids that are straight off the CS concept. Also taking cues from the CS are that wider, Joker-grin grille and the angel eyes c

The ads that get your lasting attention are the ones that make you respond. And we have no doubt that's exactly what you'd do if while cruising down the boulevard you happened upon what looked like an impact crater. When Pioneer Suspension wanted to show off the extraordinary smoothness of its ride, it placed images of holes on the road, which prompted folks to slow down and then... they didn't feel them. A few yards up the road they found out why: because that's what a Pioneer Suspension feels

Photo by kadavy. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Leave it to a Japanese company to try and make engines cute and friendly. In a new advertising campaign titled "Engines," Honda has unleashed four animated engines (well, three engine and a hydrogen fuel cell) bouncing around a world of expensive gasoline and rising temperatures. Honda says the campaign is intended to be a "comical, yet serious expression of Honda's commitment to providing a cleaner and safer environment for the future generations."

Friends of the Earth Europe thinks that some of Saab's latest ads are nothing but greenwashing, and has publicly warned the automaker to withdraw them or face legal challenge. FoEE instigated a summons (PDF) that was served to Saab's office in Belgium and "calls on the company to remove all wording and imagery from its website and brochures which associate its cars with nature or the protection of the environment. It must also withdraw false claims that driving a Saab reduces CO2 emissions." Ano

click above image to view both versions of Ford's new ads for the 2008 Taurus

In all of recorded employment history, it has never been a good thing when the boss "requests" that employees talk up the company, especially when non-employees know that those workers are operating under orders. Nevertheless, that is exactly the road Ford appears to have taken as part of the "Way Forward," asking each employee to become a "walking advertisement" for the blue oval.

Ford's marketing push behind the "Bold Moves" taglines is one step away from becoming part of modern pop culture. We've been inundated with TV, print and web ads since the campaign began, and you've no doubt noticed the web-based documentary of the same name. FoMoCo executives can't even make it through a single speech without evoking the "Bold Moves" god before which they bow. Ford dealers, however, are reportedly not impressed by the campaign that from the beginning has focused itself on lifes