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Honda's patent for Advanced VTEC

A couple of months back, we reported that Honda had filed a patent for its next generation variable valve timing and lift control system: appropriately named "Advanced VTEC." At the time, the only information available was the results of this new technology, specifically that it would boost fuel economy, increase perf

More details about Honda's A-VTEC system

When Honda released information about the development of its Advanced VTEC (A-VTEC) system in September, we were looking forward to seeing how the new system would be employed in the next generation of Acuras and Hondas. The system will increase torque, power and fuel economy, all while oozing fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Good stuff, all of it.

Honda's new VTEC offers more power, better fuel economy, cleaner emissions

Honda introduced the wonders of their innovative VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System) technology to Americans by rolling out the NSX in 1990. At the time, many considered the technology to be the normally-aspirated alternative to turbocharging and supercharging. For some, though, Honda engineers made the turbos and superchargers seem like archaic add-ons because instead of increasing horsepower by dumping more fuel into the combustion chamber with high air pressures, t