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Just as a whole batch of new fifty state-legal diesel vehicles are about to hit the market in the U.S., chemical company BASF is set to take advantage of the situation. BASF has announced that they will be raising the price of AdBlue by €45 per 1,000 liters. AdBlue is the 1/3 urea, 2/3 water solution used for the NOx after-treatment system in new diesel engines. The urea solution is injected into the exhaust gas stream where the heat of the exhaust causes it turn into ammonia by a hydrolysi

Whether or not you believe in global warming, nitrogen-oxides, or NOx, definitely does contribute to acid rain and smog, which are not debatable. Because NOx is emitted in large quantities from the exhaust of diesel engines, something needs to stop it from entering our atmosphere. One way to do this is with urea, which is being used in the Bluetec systems installed by various automakers. Because people don't like to think about carrying around a container of urea (think urine, although it is usu

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While VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and even Jeep will market diesel vehicles with BLUETEC technology in the U.S. soon, BMW will go its own way. BMW wants to develop a urea-based technology to reduce NOx before making a sustained push here with diesel products. The company already offers a number of diesel cars in Europe where emissions standards aren't as tough. BLUETEC with AdBlue, which was developed by Mercedes and Bosch, meets strict 2009 U.S. standards. AdBlue uses urea-based additives to cut NO