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Spy Shots: Acura's new BMW X6 fighter spotted again!

The last time that we saw this vehicle, it was caught circulating the Nürburgring wearing a lot more camo than this example, and it's widely believed to be a new crossover from Acura. So far, Acura hasn't actually given any public indication that this machine even exists or is planned. Nonetheless, it's wearing all the contemporary Acura styling cues and the Nürburgring pics

Spy Shots: Has Acura gone mad? X6 competitor spotted on the 'Ring

There is no doubt that Honda moves to the beat of its own percussionist, especially compared to its Japanese competitors. Of late, however, the Acura side of the house seems to be making some very odd decisions. There is the most obvious front and center example – the new shield grille, which one dealer has taken it upon himself to fix. Then the other day came news that Honda CEO Takeo Fuk