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During the BMW press conference at the New York Auto Show last week, BMW North America president and CEO Tom Purves made a nice swipe at the earlier announcement from Mercedes about those clean diesel SUVs. While Purves talked about the BMW's ActiveHybrid and clean diesel systems in general, he also said the following (listen for it starting at about a minute into the video after the jump):

The BMW X6 ActiveHybrid is a concept slated to blend a few automotive categories (it's a CUVish four-door coupe). We got our first look at this Two-Mode hybrid family member last fall in Frankfurt, when BMW was still calling this a concept vehicle. The X6 ActiveHybrid is moving to production, though, and World Car Fans has gotten their hands on some spy photos of the vehicle at a gas station (slightly ironic, that, considering that the hybrid system is supposedly going to improve fuel economy by