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Report: Ford reassigns 900 from Mustang/Mazda6 plant in Flat Rock

Even though sales of its Mustang have been solid and even improving as of late, the powers that be have reportedly decided to eliminate the second shift at the Auto Alliance International (AAI) factory that assembles the Blue Oval's pony as well as the slow-selling Mazda6. The factory in Flat Rock, MI which is jointly owned by Ford and

Auto Asthma Index ranks vehicles, cities by smog

The Environmental Working Group has just unveiled their new website, CleanCarsForKids.org, where you can see just how much your car contributes to air pollution and, well, I'll let the EWG explain themselves: "The car you drive says a lot about you: your income, your personality, your family. It also says how many asthmatic kids you've helped send to the hospital." As you can see, the site is not blunt.