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FAA Approves Boeing's Plans To Get 787 Dreamliners Back In The Air

After the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all Boeing 787 Dreamliners for nearly three months following a battery fire, federal officials have approved plans to get the planes back in the air.

More Than Ever, Americans Texting Behind The Wheel

One-third of U.S. drivers admit to texting and driving in past 30 days

It's bad enough that 31 percent of U.S. drivers admit they've texted while driving over the past 30 days and that more than two-thirds say they've talked on their cell phones over the same period of time.

Tesla's Musk calls Boeing 787 Dreamliner batteries 'fundamentally unsafe'

After offering to help Boeing with its lithium-ion battery problems, Elon Musk is somewhat raising the stakes. Musk, who heads both Tesla Motors and space exploration company SpaceX, has now called the batteries in the Boeing 787 "inherently unsafe" in an e-mail to trade publication Flightglobal.

BMW, Boeing weave agreement on carbon fiber recycling research

BMW has been at the forefront of volume automakers looking to invest in carbon fiber technology. The latest development in the German automaker's efforts is in the form of a joint venture with aircraft giant Boeing. According to a joint press release, the two companies will collaborate on further development of the lightweight material, including production methods and carbon fiber recycling.

This is what a six-rotor Wankel looks and sounds like

Ah, the Wankel. You magnificent, high-reving feat of unorthodox engineering. Your biggest champion, Mazda, may have left you – at least for the moment – but that doesn't mean some mad mechanics can't rally you and a few friends for a high-horsepower party.

BMW studio designs jet for fictional Russian billionaires

Imagine you're a Russian magnate with a globetrotting lifestyle. What could be more perfect than your very own Boeing 787? BMW Designworks USA was apparently picturing a cross between a James Bond Villain and a successful Gen-Xer when they dreamt up a custom interior, converting the sky-dwelling bus into a monster executive jet. The interior is ultra-chic with lots of clean white expanses. A window in the floor lets you check on the status of your four-wheeled executive transport -- A BMW, natch